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I've dedicated VBC Partner to helping innovators succeed in the complex world of value-based care.

- David DiGiuseppe, founder of VBC Partner

Consultation Services by VBC Partner

As the VP of Healthcare Economics at a regional health plan, I work in the details of value-based care arrangements, designing practical solutions that improve the healthcare experience for all involved.


Regularly approached by outside firms for short-term advisory engagements, I setup VBC Partner to offer my expertise broadly to non-competing primary care practices, ACOs, and startups. I provide quick and cost-effective consultations to help clients establish value-based strategies, contract terms, product design and processes.

At VBC Partner, my cost-effective approach is tailored to quickly answer questions, guide clients in the right direction, and equip them for outstanding performance in

accountable care and population health. 


If you want help with value-based care and want to optimize your outcomes and financial performance, I have the desire and expertise to help you.

Let's work together to take your value-based care strategies to the next level.

"I've had the great pleasure of working with David on a variety of projects over the last 8 years. He is the only person on the planet who can talk about numbers and financial issues and I actually understand him. I've determined that it is because David also fully grasps the business and strategic needs and how to balance the financial and economic considerations with the business and strategic needs."

- Michealle Gady, JD, President, Founder, & CEO, Atrómitos, LLC

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